Our philosophy starts with the invention of graphic communication itself.


There are 3 main types of communication - Spoken, gestural and graphic communication.


Spoken and gestural are by nature ephemeral, it requires close contact for a message to be sent and received and after the moment of transmission it is gone forever.


Graphic communication, with its invention (back in caveman times) made it become possible for a message to be transmitted and preserved beyond a single moment and place in time.


Long story short, graphic communication is powerful.


Definition of Create - bring into existence.


With this definition we created the word "Cocreate" - to work with another entity to bring into existence. (Thats what we do.)


Cocreate Designs was founded with the understanding that great design is not simply the effort of a skilled graphic designer, creative director or web developer. It the result when two separate entities come together with tools and ideas to bring a vision to fruition


We work closely with our clients to capture the vision of the project and then synthesize a strategy that leads to a desired outcome.  We believe in a collaborative approach that goes above and beyond. Your project becomes ours and we take great pride in our work.


We believe every individual has creativity in their DNA, creativity is not what we do but who we are. The designs we create thoughtfully connect ideas with skill, careful research and passion.




Hi! My name is Tori. When you call or email, I am the one who answers.


Design is my passion. Creativity is not some esoteric practice to me, it is the connection between wisdom and skill. Connecting two whole things together to create another whole.


 I have been working with industry standard tools since I was 14 years old and designed my first website at the tender age of 10. I am obsessed with the power of technology to create something worth looking at. I get a real buzz in making visions a reality and the process of design.

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